A luscious coastal region dominated by elves and their ancestors. Magical forces are hard at work here, from the local populace to the mysterious forces of the Witherglade Blight & Ley Overflows. A beautiful, rich land full of wildlife and fauna unique to the area.


Moonlight Rose – White/Purple

Magic restoration

Worth 5g each. Fairly rare, are not grown in packs.

Jade Blossom

Common. White & green highlights. Like a daisy.

Witherglade Tree: Tall, slender and brownish in color. Leaves are greenish. The larger/older the trees are the darker the bark. Sea is heavy with fog and it rains often. Almost a purplish tinge and the dew after a rainstorm smells foul (Like rotten eggs).

Thistle Bush: Leafy reddish bushes. Sometimes has blueberries on them. If the fruit is prickly/furry it is poisonous and sour and the leaves are closer to brown.


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