6th Session

Our adventurers resume in the Great Library of Medhazan. They ascended the tower and participated in many ghostly events in the academy at the top. Somehow, they lost Vario is all of this revelry.

 At the top of the tower they stopped a ritual being performed by the Shade of Admarus Daeleth and his council. They interrupted the ritual and slew them all. Upon their deaths, our heroes awoke in the field outside of the Goblin Tunnel they had first entered. In front of them lies the Journal of Admarus Daeleth.

5th Session - Halloween
The Castle under the Mountain

Our adventurers rested in the room with the covered ladder that the Goblins used to escape during the fights from the day before. Upon returning to the room where the Golems and Goblins  were fighting they discover that the bodies had been removed. Deciding to not venture further in that direction, they attempt to go down the ladder to the Goblins seemed respite.

They began to lower Valadrian Naiquise into the tunnel because they had mostly destroyed it from the earlier conflict. She goes hundreds of feet down before she starts hearing what appears to be ghostly wails. After helping her back out of the tunnel, Selena Kalistar began casting firebolt to see the depth of the tunnel. To their surprise, the depth seemed to be inconsistent. As if something down there moving was blocking the firebolts.

They left that area and went back to the crypts passed the Golems once more. They pushed open a large double door and entered.. a forest. They saw lights in the distance and upon reaching them discovered a large mansion. They disturbed the ghostly residences and a fight among them and the count Moreos.

They stumbled upon a theater room, a large showcase. On the third level of the stands, they run into a disturbingly old Jacoeb Aries. He tells them cryptically about the castle, and mentions that the should seek Admarus Daeleth at the top of the tower if they want to know and understand what happened to this place. Medhazan the Great Tower.

They then encountered an aviary, and a large towering library. Upon climbing the stairs they found the symbol of Leira on the wall. Upon touching it, they discovered that you were transported to an alternate, seemingly darker version of the library. A girl runs into them and scolds them for knocking off the books, then runs off exclaiming "I'm late for class!"

Fourth Session

The town of Eht-Ringwe lies in the distance. The party ventured to the town in the morning and elected to explore the town. They met Carlotta Hazelmere, the Blacksmith of the town and bartered some of their loot for gold and gear. Ceann Myer the town's herbalist & alchemist pointed them in the direction of the forest and told them about Jade Blossom's and Moonlight Roses. They learn from Lycia Amoret that the town wizard, Jacoeb Aries, might be able to discern the benefits and the magic forces they felt around town. Upon approaching his manor, they discovered that he was not there. They returned to the Half Moon inn at the center of town and the bartender informed them that he often goes on walks to the orchard to the west of town.

Our adventurers decided to embark towards the orchard. Upon arriving, they see signs of a struggle. Goblin footprints, as well as a human's, were found and followed. It appears as though the human may have been captured and taken to their stronghold. The Goblins have recently been stealing trinkets and shiny objects from Eht-Ringwe, so it may appear as an opportunity to help the townspeople as well.

The footprints end at a cave and our adventurers begin to delve into its depths. After navigating endless tunnels, they begin to hear the sounds of fighting and falling rock. They see Goblins retreating from a cave on their left, so they decided to go to the source of their frightful retreat. They stumble upon a large battle between several goblins and a few Stone Golems fighting. The Goblins are heavily outmatched and for fear of the strength of the Golems that they flee with the Goblins. They set upon a locked gate and they slaughter the Goblins in order to get past. In the conflict they knock a Goblin down the ladder they were using to escape and while the Goblin was falling, it knocked down several others and blocked the tunnel down with their corpses.

Our party stopped hearing noises where the Golems were and decided to investigate. The Golems are nowhere to be found. They follow a staircase that they seemed to be defending earlier to discover a large crypt in the depths of the cave.

Third Session

Players have left the Dordanil Ruins to be accosted by the sound of a band of the Red Warriors sent by Vaedric Crenon to capture Thoven Greenleaf.

Leader escaped upon the slaughter of the group. One bandit was left alive. Sent away with the heads of his comrades tethered around him while naked through forest and sent towards his camp.

Afterwards, they set up camp in the cave. They were lured away by a harpy song and upon discovery the fighting harpies fled to the trees.

The following morning they spent the whole day traveling. Valadrian tracked a pack of wolves to their den and encountered Gyrwolfen, who has the fabled sword Liinerakka (Claw of Cold) embedded in her flesh.

They leave the cave and return to the road.

They enter a clearing and see building ahead but decide to camp in the woods out of sight in the town because it's deep into the night. Harpies attack them and are successfully fend them off and kill them. The rest for the night and awake in morning refreshed.


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