Third Session

Players have left the Dordanil Ruins to be accosted by the sound of a band of the Red Warriors sent by Vaedric Crenon to capture Thoven Greenleaf.

Leader escaped upon the slaughter of the group. One bandit was left alive. Sent away with the heads of his comrades tethered around him while naked through forest and sent towards his camp.

Afterwards, they set up camp in the cave. They were lured away by a harpy song and upon discovery the fighting harpies fled to the trees.

The following morning they spent the whole day traveling. Valadrian tracked a pack of wolves to their den and encountered Gyrwolfen, who has the fabled sword Liinerakka (Claw of Cold) embedded in her flesh.

They leave the cave and return to the road.

They enter a clearing and see building ahead but decide to camp in the woods out of sight in the town because it's deep into the night. Harpies attack them and are successfully fend them off and kill them. The rest for the night and awake in morning refreshed.


Rekenna TonyVessels

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